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News and Results 2022


Welcome Home little Dora! Merci Patricia Moniot for this baby, progeny of both Di Palazzo Manzoni first Bitches Unifanny Hollyhoot Nicht and Ariacherespiro

-2nd, CACL, A-Klasse Standard Bitches @ Swiss Open, Kleindottingen Racetrack (CH) 15/05/2022

-4th pl, CACL, A-Klasse Standard Mix @ Bern Grand prix, Lotzwill Racetrack (CH) 08/05/2022

Welcome to your forever home little Tosca 06/05/ 2022

-2nd/4 pl, A-Klasse Standard Bitches @ Züri-Meisterschaft Racing- Rifferswill (CH) 18/04/2022

-2nd pl, solorennen mixed class @ Züri-Meisterschaft Racing- Rifferswill (CH) 18/04/2022

-2nd/22 res CACW, res CACIL @ Leszno V4 Cup Grand Prix (Pl)

-4th pl/10 CACIL class @ WWRV International Coursing Geel (B)

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-1st Exc CWC, Working Cl @ National Dog Show Piseczno (PL) 19/03/2022

We are very very happy to announce the birth of our first Barzoi Litter after 22 years!

Welcome to this precious Barzoi bitch after a couple of decades!

-4th pl @ International Coursing Lotzwill (CH) 13/03/2022

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-1st/20 pl CACL @ CDL National Coursing Ascoli Piceno 13/03/2022

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-2nd Exc, Working Cl @ National Dog Show Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (PL) 13/03/2022

B-Class and Trofeo Lancillotto Winner @ Winter Sprint English System, Palazzo Manzoni straigh race 08/01/2022

News and Results 2021

-CAC, R-CACIB @ IDS San Marino Republic, Intermediate Class under Judge E. Deutscher 04/12/2021

-6th pl/44 European Coursing Championship 2021 @ Ronostrand (ND)

-4th pl/13 Whippet standard Bitches @ Dutch Coursing Championship (ND) 18/09/2021

-2nd pl/17 pl Whippet standard bitches @ German Coursing Championship 19/09/2021

-4th pl A-Final Whippet Sprinter class@ CACIL Racing Bytom (PL)

-1st pl Excellent in Working Class @ CACIB Genk LKW ND, Judge Louis Dehaes 11/09/2021

-2nd pl Excellent in Working Class @ CACIB Genk LKW (ND). Judge Louis Dehaes 11/09/2021

1st pl CACL, CACIL @ International Coursing AIALA, Erbusco (I)

Judges Geir Hammer (NO) & Luigi Durando (I) 11/09/2021


Italian Lure Coursing Champion

01/09/2021 Slovenian Conformation Champion

-1st pl Very Good in Working Class @ NDS Windhonden CAC 2021 (ND). Judge Marjin van Iersel 29/08/2021

-1st pl Excellent in Working Class @ NDS Kampioensclubmatch NWC, ND, Judge Mevr E. Bakker 29/08/2021

-2nd pl Excellent in Working Class @ NDS Windhonden CAC 2021 (ND). Judge Marjin van Iersel 29/08/2021

-1st pl Excellent in Working Class @ NDS Kampioensclubmatch NWC, ND, Judge Mevr E. Bakker 29/08/2021

-4th pl/24 National class males @ Polish Lure Coursing Championship, Swornegacie (PL) 28/08/2021

-1st pl / 7 Whippet Standard Males @ National Coursing Lelystad (Nd) 07/08/2021

-4th pl /11 standard Bitches @ National Coursing Axel (Nd) 25/07/2021

-1st pl BEST IN FIELD, CACT National class @ International Coursing Grand Prix Bratislava V4 CUP (SK) 24/07/2021

-1st pl /19 standard Bitches @ International Coursing Wedstrijd Gesves (B) 20/06/2021

-1st pl CCWC/16 sprinter class @ International COURSING MISTRZOSTWA WIELKOPOLSKI (PL) 19/06/2021

-1st pl CCWC /24 Whippet Sprinter class at National Coursing in Łowicz (PL) 05/06/21

-KChWC Polish Race Champion

-Italian Breeding Champion

News and Results 2020

Champion de Travail Poursuite

CIC International Racing or Lure Coursing Champion

French Coursing Champion 2019

Best results in 2020:

-1st pl National Coursing San Zaccaria 06/01/2020

-1st pl International Coursing Erbusco (Bs) 13/09/2020

-1 st/14 place DWZRV-Siegercoursing Tüttleben Int Cl 01/03/2020 (D)

-5th pl Landessiegercoursing Nord/MV Int Cl 06/09/20 (D)

-1st pl National Coursing Werkendam 19/09/2020 int. Cl (ND)

-4th/14 pl WvCNL International Coursing Leek (B) int. Cl 22/08/2020


-2/14 int Coursing Grand Prix Bratislava Nat. Cl. 01/08/20 (CZ)

-1st/27 Polish Championship Nat. Cl. 30/08/20 (PL)

-3rd/7 int Racing Bytom Nat. Cl. 20/09/20 (PL)

-5th/18 Int Class National Coursing Werkendam 19/07/20 (ND)

-5th/11 Int Class BAHC Leek CACIL Coursing 12/09/20 (B)